Concept and activities

The Freiburg Institute for Musicians’ Medicine builds a connection between music and medicine; it supports a healthy way of practicing music as well as the beneficial effects of music on our health. Part of the FIM’s concept is that all professors and some of the staff members have received a professional music training and are active in the artistic field.

The activities of the FIM reach into the following areas: teaching, research and patient care.

Teaching takes place almost entirely at the University of Music Freiburg. The aim is to equip the students with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to prevent health problems specifically related to musicians, and to improve their health as musicians and their performing skills.

The programme of study for medicine students at the Albert-Ludwigs-University contains the subject “Musicians’ Medicine” both in the preclinical as well as in the clinical years of study. Within the frame of medical qualification it is possible to do a PhD at the FIM.

During symposia, conferences and courses the FIM offers advanced training for musicians, physicians and health experts from other areas.

Research extends to physiological and psychological fundamentals of singing, language and music-practise, as well as to the application of preventive and health-improving measures for musicians.

In patient care the FIM understands itself as an important institution for professional singers and instrumentalists and lay musicians, as well as for people who use their voice professionally, such as teachers, actors etc. The Freiburg Institute for Musicians is also open to all patients seeking help.

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